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Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card Drivers Won’t Install – 344.48, 344.11 or 340.52 – BSOD

UPDATE: 07/01/2015 Nvidia driver 347.09 (originally released as a beta on 19th December) does indeed fix this issue.

UPDATE: 14/12/2014 Gigabyte have communicated with Nvidia and a fix will be implemented in an upcoming Nvidia driver release, unfortunately Nvidia are unable to say when or in which release this is likely to happen. All you can do now is cross your fingers.

If you have having recurring BSOD’s or problems when trying to install the latest Nvidia GeForce graphics card drivers, such as Nvidia GeForce 340.52 or 344.11, then please visit HERE and join the rant discussion. The problem mainly seems to be for people using Windows 8.1, on a Gigabyte motherboard with a BIOS dating back to 2011 or 2012 – although people with other makes of motherboard are reporting issues with Nvidia GeForce 340.52 and 344.11 too.

So far Gigabyte are blaming the customer and Nvidia, Nvidia are not really doing too much at all and lots of Nvidia GeForce graphics card and Gigabyte motherboard owners are getting somewhat annoyed.

Please also acknowledge the problem with Gigabyte through their e-support system HERE

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